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Liverpool Medical Institute

Philip recently spoke at the Medical Artist’s Association annual conference 2013, that was held at the Liverpool Medical Institute. The subject and interest was the World War 2 battlefield medic. Philip demonstrated the various procedures and original equipment that was used on D-day 6th June 1944.

King Richard III’s face recreated from skull

Original┬átext from: Richard III’s face was reconstructed from scans of a skull, newly confirmed as that of the last Plantagenet king. Photograph: Andrew Winning/Reuters The face of a thin-lipped, bright-eyed man, with a truculent jaw ready to confront whatever bad news comes next, has been recreated from the male skull discovered under a Leicester car park, newly confirmed as the last Plantagenet king, Richard III. The monarch was only 32 when he died on the Bosworth battlefield on 22 August 1485, but the reconstructed face appears much younger. He may not live up to the crook-backed psychopath of Shakespeare’s Tudor propaganda, but he does look a tough character not Continue Reading

Face and Eye has been re launched after a design face lift. I designed the logo and all the business cards for the company. As you can see from the design I incorporated an ophthalmic theme within the logo. The company are primarily eye/eyelid surgical specialist that also performs cosmetic and corrective procedures. I thought it would be apt to include an eye somewhere in the design but not to be obvious! this can be seen as a cross section of the eye which is portrayed as the “C”. The wording was then cropped by stylized upper and lower eye margins which was an after thought by the surgeons at the clinic.

Colour Yourself Smart

2011 saw the completion of Colour Yourself Smart Human Anatomy. The book sold out in Cosco on the East coast of America in under 2 weeks and briefly sold out on following a radio interview with the author Wendy Leonard on The Noam Laden talk show in New York.