Strong visual design is key to any written or multimedia engament. Our objective is to understand what you want to say, and to find the most creative and engaging way to say it. An important part of this is to identify the nature and depth of information required depending on your audience.

Services can offer:

Publications, Coloyourselfsmart, Oculoplastic surgeryIllustrations for Anatomy and Clincal reference and Charts

Anatomy may not change but to way it is visualized does. We can create bespoke illustrations of high quality for books, papers and posters.


IlluIllustrations for surgical teaching and reference, Coloyourselfsmart, Oculoplastic surgerystrations for surgical explanation

For over 10 years our experience in surgical/clinical techniques has been publicised in a number of publications from The Journal of Hand Surgery, EYE, The British Journal of Ophthalmology and two highly eclaimed Opthalmic text books.


IllustratiPublications, Coloyourselfsmart, Oculoplastic surgeryons for Dissertaion / Thesis / Papers

For the past decade Healthcare professionals have used our service for the use in published papers. For the student we offer an illustration service for your thesis/dissertation which gives that extra WOW factor.



For internet and presentation. Medical Artwork offer an animation service, using flash we can interpret your ideas and techniques into a movie clip giving your presentation the best effect.


Publications, Coloyourselfsmart, Oculoplastic surgeryIllustrations for Medical Confernece

Produced a paper and need a conference poster? We offer a service using the information provided to us to create a stunning and visually attractive poster that will draw attention to your research.


Poster and Chart Design, Coloyourselfsmart, Oculoplastic surgeryPoster and Chart Design

Our team at Medical Artwork consist of medical Doctors and medical writers. We can taylor any bespoke poster to your needs. If you don’t need a bespoke poster please visit our store and see what’s on offer in the Education section.


Publications, Coloyourselfsmart, Oculoplastic surgeryLife style imagery

Non anatomical, we have illustrated diagrams that accompany text for brochures from breast feeding, to the after care of patients who have Kidney dialysis.




If you are interested in any of the services please contacting us for a non obligated quote. contact us